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A while ago I wrote a blog post on Princess Mononoke – a strong influence on my WIP God Slayer. Read it here. Today’s post is about my biggest inspiration on story telling.

I was transferring music from my old desktop to my laptop and found some music tracks from the computer game Final Fantasy VII. While I listened to them it brought back a whole world of memories and emotions. Final Fantasy was my early inspiration. The amount of hours I spent on those games as a kid is shocking, but I don’t believe it was a waste.

Final Fantasy VII was the first one I played and will always be my favourite. For me it was always more than a game. I was absorbed into the lives of the characters. They were people I admired but most of all they were people. They told lies, kept secrets, had regrets, had loved and lost and did so throughout the game. The twists and turns in the story made me laugh and cry, shocked me and excited me. The same went for FF IX and X (I never played VIII).

The Final Fantasy series was my early inspiration for storytelling. Some of my monsters are modelled on those on the game and one of my main characters in Earth Angel was inspired by Yuna from FFX.

I admit it wasn’t always the best model to follow for plot as random things happened purely for the gameplay. But I love the imagination, the characters, the sheer scale and vastness of the world and epicenes of the story and scenes. I will always love those games and for me, the modern FF games (I’m looking at you XII and XIII) will never be a patch on the old ones.

Just listening to the music brought back the memories of the characters and I’d just like to share with you the story of one of them.

Nanaki belongs to a tribe of warrior creatures who are very proud and noble. All his life, Nanaki believed that his father was a coward whohad run to save his own life when his family needed protecting. When Nanaki came of age his grandfather revealed the truth. Seto, Nanaki’s father, was standing on a high cliff at the edge of a canyon. His body had been pierced by arrows that had turned him to stone. Seto had died to defend his family and is still defending them from his unmoveable position on the cliff.

One track, a minute and a half long, brought all that back to me. Yes I’m sentimental but 200 hours on one game might do that to a child.

What are you inspired by?

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