I was tagged by Clare. Although she answered 55 questions I decided to cut it down to 25 :)

1. Favorite childhood book?
The Blue Balloon! That thing just kept getting bigger!

2. What are you reading right now?
I Am Legend

3. Do you prefer to read one book at a time, or several at once?
One at a time for fiction, non fiction I can tend to skip between them and pick out what I want from it then promptly forget everything!

4. Least favourite book you read this year (so far)?
Ender’s Game. Some of it I liked but I got tired of the battle room.

5. Favorite book you’ve read this year?
Catching Fire (Hunger Games)

6. How often do you read out of your comfort zone?
Every now and then if someone recommends a book to me.

7. What is your reading comfort zone?
Mainly Fantasy, crime and thrillers.

8. Favourite place to read?
Probably on the train because I just zone out.

9. Do you ever write in the margins of your books?
Only in text books and only ever in pencil!

10. What makes you love a book?
Probably if I admire or can relate to the characters and if the plot grips and surprises me.

11. What will inspire you to recommend a book?
Only if I loved it and would think that person would like it to. Same points as above.

12. Favorite genre?

13. Genre you rarely read (but wish you did)?
I wish I could get into more literary stuff or read classics like Dickens and things. I think it would be good as a writer to read things like that

14. Most inspirational book you’ve read this year (fiction or non-fiction)
Probably I Am Legend. I cried when the doggie died :(

15. How do you feel about giving bad/negative reviews?
I’m only ever honest and express my personal opinions. If I can’t find anything good about the book I wont review it. I don’t like to give negative opinions.

16. Favorite fictional character?
I couldn’t think of a very good answer for this so I’m going to say the very hungry caterpillar because he’s a bug after my own heart. Either that or the magic lavatory.

17. Favourite fictional villain?
Hekat from The Godspeaker Trilogy. She was such a bitch but I thought she was a brilliant character. I’m a sucker for strong women anyway.

18. Books I’m most likely to bring on vacation?
As long as it’s a paperback I don’t mind. Last holiday I read Ann-Frank’s Diary!

19. Favorite film adaptation of a novel?
Lord of the Rings.

20. Most disappointing film adaptation?
The Golden Compass. Or Angels and Demons, they changed so much and dumbed it WAY down.

21. What would cause you to stop reading a book half-way through?
If it in no way sparked my interest. It’s not very often this happens.

22. Do you like to keep your books organised?
In size and author order. I’m anal like that :)

23. Do you prefer to keep books or give them away once you’ve read them?
I won’t give away my favourite books or if I have a series.

24. Name a book that made you angry.
Order of the Phoenix. Just because I was in school at the time and Umbridge reminded me of a combination of every kids most hated teacher and awful parent rolled into one character. I could only read a bit at a time because I got so annoyed!

25. Favorite guilt-free, pleasure reading?
Probably the Hunger Games, I blasted through it in a week (for my that’s a personal best!)