Book Review and Guest Post Policy

I am just starting to review books but I hope it can be a new thing for me. Please read over my policies so neither of our time is wasted.

  • I only review children’s picture books.
  • I will accept traditionally published and self-published works.
  • I will accept digital versions and apps (so long as it is compatible with my device)
  • I do not take payment for reviews.
  • I have the right to refuse to review a book if I’m not happy with something.
  • I cannot return any books given to me.

If you would like me to review your book please send me an email with a link to your book listed on whichever distributer your book is on. I will let you know whether I am happy to review this book for you and we can arrange how you can send me a copy, either digital or print.

If I like your book, I will publish a review on these sites if your book is listed: Amazon, Smashwords, Lulu, and Goodreads, as well as my own blog.

If I do NOT like your book, then I will not review it. I don’t want to upset anyone or make them feel bad about their life’s work. If you are interested in any critical feedback, I’d be happy to provide some. I have experience in critiquing and pride myself in constructive and honest feedback. If you’ve took the time to send me your book for free it’s only fair that you hear my opinion (if you want it.)

Extras. I will link to your Amazon page and any social media links you have. I love supporting authors, especially independents. I’d be happy to conduct author interviews, spotlights, host guest posts, or promote any giveaways or blog tours you are doing.

For guest posts:

I am interested in these topics:

  • Unique and engaging kids picture books
  • Book marketing strategies and promotion
  • Author’s writing process / idea generating
  • Illustrations and artwork / processes and inspiration
  • Top tips for (writing / illustrating / marketing) kid’s books
  • Product reviews for children’s picture books
  • Product reviews for writing resources
  • Author spotlight and interviews

If you want me to host your article please email me with what your article is about. If I am happy then I will request to view the article. If I am happy with the article, I will post it on my blog along with links to your website and social media, author bio, and your books. If I decide your article isn’t fit for my blog after I’ve read it, I will let you know.

I look forward to reading your books!

Contact me by email: ruthellenparlour89 (at) gmail (dot) com (dot)

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