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Broken Bargains Clare Davidson Hidden Book 2It was my only job. Publish a sterling interview with Clare Davidson for her new release Broken Bargains (Hidden Book 2) on the 31st of Jan. I realise now it is the 1st of February and like an idiot I forgot (not only that I forgot how to spell idiot.) Better late than never. Sorry Clare!

Hi Clare! Thanks for stopping by the blog to answer some questions on your new book.

Thanks for inviting me over on release day, Ruth.

Was it difficult for you to continue Kim’s story? Or had you always intended on writing a trilogy?

I always knew it was going to be a series, although the length of that series changed from a trilogy to a tetralogy while I was writing Broken Bargain. As a quick aside, I just had to look up what you call a series of four books! The internet assures me it’s a tetralogy. You learn something new every day!

Even though I knew it was going to be a series, it was still difficult to write Broken Bargain. I’d put Kim through a lot in Reaper’s Rhythm, which obviously needed to impact her behaviour in the second book. I also didn’t want Broken Bargain to be a clone of the first book. I still wanted a mystery angle, but I’ve also introduced a romantic subplot to keep things fresh.

Why will this book appeal to a young adult audience? Would adults enjoy it too? Is it important for you to write for a crossover audience?

My aim with Kim was to show a teenager dealing with common issues, as well as the magical elements. In Reaper’s Rhythm, the way she coped with her parents’ divorce was as important as the way she dealt with the grief of losing a sibling. She also had exams to worry about and an annoying sibling to keep her in check. There are some new issues for Kim to deal with in Broken Bargain, with some amusing results.

I know adults enjoyed Reaper’s Rhythm. I try to write books with strong cross over appeal. Yes, my main characters are in their teens, but there are older characters for adults to identify with as well, such as Kim’s parents.

What themes are present in the novel?

The main theme, carrying on from Reaper’s Rhythm, is a theme of self-belief. However it’s further developed into believing and trusting in others.

Did you try and give Broken Bargains (Hidden #2) a similar feel as Reaper’s Rhythm or are you taking it in a new direction?

Oops, I think I already answered this question above! I’ll expand a little more though.

Whilst Broken Bargain does still have a mystery element to it, I’ve placed more importance on Kim’s relationships with other peoples. There are a lot more secrets and lies in this book and we get to see more of Kim’s best friend, Sophie. There’s also an increase in the supernatural elements, to prepare readers for book three.

Sounds exciting! How did you further develop the characters in the second book (without spoilers!) What kind of challenges does Kim have to face this time?

Kim’s main personal challenge this time is about coping (or not coping) on her own. She’s spent a year lying to everyone about what really happened to Charley and, when strange things start to happen again, she struggles to find anyone to turn to.

As I’ve already mentioned, Sophie is a more prominent character in this book. We get to see the tables turned a little. In Reaper’s Rhythm, she was a rock for Kim. In Broken Bargain, Kim has to support her and help her through some tough times.

You also get to find out more about Matthew, but I’m obviously not going to tell you what those secrets are.

What was the most fun part to write, or, what do you like best in Broken Bargain?

I can’t fully answer this question without spoilers!

There is a really funny conversation between Kim and her dad, which was a lot of fun to write. From Kim’s point of view is pretty cringe worthy. I can’t tell you what the scene is about, but you’ll know it when you get to it.

What plans do you have for Kim in Hidden book 3?

All I can really say is that Kim will be haunted by the past in book 3. We also get to find out a lot more about the Baneem.

Thanks Clare! That sounds like a great read and I’ve already bought my copy.

Clare’s novel, Broken Bargains is available to buy on Amazon for Kindle and paperback