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As a child I remember holding one of my brother’s Warhammer books and studying the image. It was so full of life, so much on the page, and every time I looked I saw something different. Every soldier was unique with his own stance and facial expression.

I was inspired by great artwork from a very young age, I’m not really talking about classic artwork either. Good art is something not necessarily associated with children’s books, but it was something that I really loved as a child. Good quality pictures!

Why I decided to use Photoshop instead of traditional media.

damselflyTraditional techniques like acrylic or watercolour paint certainly has a charm that can’t be replaced by digital media. For the sake of what I wanted to do and achieve, using Photoshop was just too convenient not to use.  I’m happy that I’ve created some unique images using techniques I wouldn’t be able to do by hand.

I wanted to create a somewhat educational book, using a real setting with real plants and creatures native to the area. It creates more interesting and engaging images.

Are they not too complicated for a children’s book?

Sure I could have made simple cartoons and backgrounds but that’s not what I wanted to achieve. I’m not some huge publishing company churning out mediocre stories to make some big bucks. I wanted to create a piece of art that a child can enjoy not just for the story. Something they can study and pick something different out of the images when they look again. Something precious that they can treasure. That’s why I’ve spent a long time creating (not just pictures) but pieces of art that I would hope can be enjoyed by children and adults both.

too heavy to fly water dragons wings childrens picture book

Does the quality of images influence your decisions when buying children’s books?

Thanks for reading!

In my next article I’ll be discussing morals in children’s books.