FS02Hey guys!

Unfortunately Pear Dust didn’t get accepted into the competition I entered it. But that’s okay as I’ve now got a short story I’m proud of which I’m going to self-publish myself!

This week I’ve been working on a short sci-fi romance called Hologram Dolphins. Enjoy the snippet! Comments are always welcome 🙂


‘Welcome to Future World,’ a holographic supermodel spoke with a fake smile plastered across her opaque face. I scowled at her tuneful tone while her glittering eyes gazed forward. ‘In the interactive exhibitions you’ll find amazing advances in technology…’

Children’s shrieks echoed around the large hall. Bright colours and flashing lights of the exhibitions surrounded me. Dad peered through his glasses at an information board while Mum punched buttons on a flashing display with no idea what it did.

I strolled through the hall, dragging the heels of my studded boots across the coloured lino. I wore my leather jacket and dark eye makeup, my long dark curls tumbled over my shoulders.

‘I’m going to see the gaming exhibition,’ I said to Mum, already leaving them behind.

As I walked through the toys exhibition, museum staff in luminous orange uniforms and permanent smiles entertained the kids with toys that flew through the air, whizzed and flashed.

I slowed and gawped as a group of children were hustled through a hidden door.

Plastic objects decorated the lino; the only evidence of the children’s existence.

An orange clad young man appeared at the door. His ice blue eyes fell on me and he grinned. He didn’t look like a child snatcher. Slim and taller, his brown hair was thick around his face like a halo. Something about his smile caught my attention. It was infectious. A glowing name badge on his lapel boasted the name Benny.

‘Want to see something cool?’


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