FS02Here’s another snippet from my Sci-Fi short story. This is a first draft so wont be too clean. Enjoy!


One of the dogs let out a sharp back and Cara looked up to see.

‘Looks like we’ve got a live one here,’ said Jordan, hoisting the heat gun to his shoulder and flipping the safety toggle.

Cara stared at the trees on the top of the hill as a man came running out towards them. Both of the dogs stood to heel by Jordan’s feet, barking and snarling at the running man. His feet brushed through tufts of grass and clumps of thistle as he waved his arms in the air.

‘Hey!’ the man shouted at the top of his voice. Cara watched him, recognising the voice. Is it really him?

‘You can shoot him from that distance Jordan,’ said Leona.

‘Ah, the closer he comes the shorter I have to walk to collect his orb,’ Jordan replied.

‘Wait,’ said Cara, holding her hand towards Jordan before hefting the water carrier into the cart.

‘You know this guy?’ Jordan asked, glancing at her sidelong.

‘Hey!’ the man shouted again, still waving. Cara knew him for certain now; the tall slim frame, black spiked hair and sloping nose. Cara’s heart tightened as her stomach felt as cold as the river. The sound of the dogs made her head hurt.

‘He’s not going to stop,’ said Jordan, his finger gently squeezing the trigger of the heat gun.

‘Cara,’ Leona’s voice reached her, then the concern in her eyes when she said, ‘let it go.’ Cara took a deep breath and sighed.

‘Shoot him.’


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