I know this isn’t writing related but it’s an event I’m proud of and want to share. I got my degree today!

My two best talents were always art and writing, so the career plan was to do a design related career and write as a hobby, spreading my eggs out between two neatly lined baskets.

I want to take a moment to define the value of education. I got my degree in Interior Design and with it the piece of paper that says I’m qualified but university isn’t the right path for everyone. My boyfriend for example didn’t do very well at school and went on to get a B-tech in IT. Only after that did he discover his real passion for fitness and nutrition. If he wanted to go to university, he would have to undertake a foundation course first, even though I know that he is more capable than most undergrads of doing a degree, he just doesn’t have a shiny piece of paper saying he is. He would work harder, be more reliable, have more of a passion and already has a background knowledge because of SELF EDUCATION.

I self educated myself in the art of creative writing through courses, forums and advice and practise. If you discover a passion for something then I would encourage everyone to follow their passions (as long as you’re not hurting anyone in the process!) University isn’t for everyone but a self educated person puts themselves ahead of someone who isn’t, only they don’t have that shiny piece of paper saying how good they are.