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Everyone has their own little places and methods of working and they’re all different depending on your personality.

When to write.

The ‘Moon Hours’ Method. The idea with this is to write immediately when you wake up, still in your pyjamas, before you do anything else. The theory is that your brain has not had time to fully wake and become distracted by things in the day. Because you were just sleeping, your brain is still tuned into a subconscious creative mode. And that method works for some people.

Writing late at night is similar to the Moon Hours method in so much as you’re closer to your dream state than you would be during the day. If I write at night, I like to write in bed, with candles and fairy lights and some quiet background music.

Places to write.

Some people like writing in cafes. Personally I’d prefer a quiet field on a sunny day. I’ve written on trains and I used to write in the common room at collage. Sometimes when you gotta write, you gotta write!

I write best first thing on a morning, after I’ve fed the rabbit of course. On the couch in my pyjamas with a blanket or in my onesie, I do my best to bash out a few words before breakfast. I don’t have a special room to write in, I work in the living room where I have the peace and quiet that I need (furry company accepted).

I can’t work with a TV or radio on or if there’s people talking (background noise is fine – like a café or train.)

Not everyone has the benefit of peace and quiet, so a special writing room might be required.

How and where do you like to write?

Thanks for reading!