Do You Keep an Ideas Notebook?

ideas notebook
My Ideas Notebook

I was wondering if anyone uses a notebook to jot down ideas.

How many times have you had a light bulb, not written it down, then later on wished you had? I know I’ve done that!

I carry one around with me so if I get a light bulb, I’ll jot it down.

Light Bulbs can vary from anything between; journal ideas, details, quotes, ideas for scenes, characters, poem themes lines or words etc.

If I’m reading or listening to the radio and I hear something that gives me an idea, I write it down. I won’t use all of them, just some. But they’re worth jotting down.


Does anyone else keep an ideas notebook and have you used any of the ideas in your writing? What kind of things do you like to jot down?

2 thoughts on “Do You Keep an Ideas Notebook?

  1. I do this too, so glad you’ve started reading history books, so much strange stuff has happened, and I love the odd little things that would give that extra something to a book. Its the little details that make a story seem real, like the thing with mary queen of scots. Good stuff. I have to try and remember to keep my note book on me more often becuase I bet I forget a lot of the stuff I think about before I write it down.

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