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With hindsight, it seems to me that there is no one sure way to success with selling ebooks online. What worked for one author a few years ago probably wont work now due to the changeability of Amazon’s algorithms.

My advise is simply: Keep publishing books. Make them good.

I’m working on that advice myself.

However, if you still think this book is worth a read, here are my thoughts back in 2012;

Make A Killing On Kindle (Without Blogging, Facebook Or Twitter). The Guerilla Marketer’s Guide To Selling Ebooks On Amazon by Michael Alvear. I downloaded this book after reading a mention in the Writing Magazine.

Michael Alvear seems to have no delusions about ebook success and writes in a straight forward, no-nonsense manor which is straight to the point and engaging. It is easy to read, understandable and insightful. There are plenty of useful tips looking from a different perspective I have not yet come across as an independent author.

Alvear begins the book claiming that ‘Blogging, Facebook & Twitter are a complete waste of time,’ describing social media as a ‘time-sucking, no-value vortex that cannot sell books.’ I raised my eyebrows in surprise but by the end of the chapter my head was nodding.

Make A Killing On Kindle is a course on steps to enhance sales. Alvear offers good, useable advice on how to create compelling book titles, blurbs and covers. He describes how, it is believed, Amazon’s algorithms work and how to use them to your advantage, how to get to the top of Amazon’s search Engines, picking categories and how to springboard off your competitors.

I wasn’t aware that Amazon used HTML and I never gave a second thought to SEO (search engine optimization) but Alvear offers a crash course in how to use both of these to your advantage. He covers pricing strategies, front and back matter, getting reviews, sales rankings and how to utilize the author page on Amazon.

I found these tips genuinely useful as I’ve never come across them reading other books by John Locke and Mark Coker. It opened my eyes to how Amazon works, how readers engage with Amazon and your book and how to make the best use of both. Make A Killing On Kindle is worth several reads as the wealth of information is worth sinking in and applying as best you can to make the most of Amazon, your book and its readers.


  • Very useful and applicable information on Amazon and reaching readers
  • No-nonsense, straight to the point writing style


  • It costs £3.19 but I did feel every penny was worth it!
  • I would certainly recommend it over John Locke’s book.

Make A Killing On Kindle by Michael Alvear Amazon UK

Make A Killing On Kindle by Michael Alvear Amazon US

Have you read Make A Killing On Kindle? What did you think and have you applied the techniques described? I’d love to know!