Reaper's Rhythm teaserReaper’s Rhythm is Clare Davidson’s second novel, an urban fantasy which will be released on Friday 26th of July! Have you joined the launch party on facebook? I have!

When everyone thinks your sister committed suicide, it’s hard to prove she was murdered.

Kim is unable to accept Charley’s sudden death. Crippled by an unnatural amnesia, her questions are met with wall after wall. As she doubts her sanity, she realises her investigation is putting those around her in danger.

The only person who seems to know anything is Matthew, an elusive stranger who would rather vanish than talk. Despite his friendly smile, Kim isn’t sure she can trust him. But if she wants to protect her family from further danger, Kim must work with Matthew to discover how Charley died – before it’s too late.


Reaper's Rhythm MatthewI clear my throat again, buying a moment’s time to scan the room. Sophie smiles at me. The small encouraging motion fails to drag my voice from my throat. My gaze wanders past her. Everyone is staring at me, waiting as though I’m the star of a freak show. I recognise every face—relatives, school friends, teachers, neighbours.

My gaze tracks back towards Sophie but stutters over the image of a young man. He’s standing at the entrance, arms folded loosely across his chest. His hair, black as night, brushes his brow. In blue jeans, a white T-shirt and short sleeved black over-shirt, he definitely isn’t dressed for a funeral. His dark gaze runs round the room, flickering over every member of the congregation before meeting mine. His eyes widen fractionally and then he inclines his head a little. The corners of his lips curve up and he mouths, “Go on.”

The final words of the poem have flitted out of my mind. I dip my gaze. “Better by far you should forget and smile, than that you should remember and be sad.” My voice breaks on the last word. I can’t prevent myself from sobbing out loud. A sea of sorrowful, understanding faces swim in front of me. When I look up again, he is gone.


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Clare DavidsonClare Davidson is an independent writer, based in Lancaster. Clare is a high school teacher, mother and character-driven fantasy writer. Clare was born in Northampton and lived in Malaysia for four and a half years as a child, before returning to the UK to settle in Leeds with her family. Whilst attending Lancaster University, Clare met her future husband and never left. They now share their lives with their young daughter, a cranky grey cat and an insane white kitten.

She published her first novel, Trinity in July 2012. Trinity is a young adult, fantasy novel, which currently has seventeen five star reviews on Amazon UK.

Her second novel, Reaper’s Rhythm, is due to be released on the 26th July 2013. Also aimed at a young adult audience, Reaper’s Rhythm is an urban fantasy with a dash of mystery.

Connect with Clare:

Website: http://claredavidson.com
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