butterfly parkStory

The story in Butterfly Park was simple and easy to follow. The main character wants to bring butterflies back to the park. The story is about how she goes about achieving that, what she tries to do on her own, then together with people from the town. It was adorable and touching.


The character is brought to life by the expressive artwork. The girl loves wildlife and is sad when she has to move to a strange place. I like that she is determined to improve upon her situation.


Elly McKay creates the images by making paper scenes and photographing them. She uses all sorts of wonderful effects and lighting to produce lively and vibrant art. I bought this book solely based on the images. There are plenty of pictures to explore in the book including a fold-out four page spread!


There is not a specific moral expressed in the book, but the girl brings the whole town together and they all help to bring butterflies back to the park.

Value for money

RRP: £11.99 I think what you are paying for mostly is the illustrations. They are not just pictures, they are works of art. The hard-back book is a large format, and the book is filled with more pages than the average picture book. I would definitely buy this for a loved one as it is the kind of book that one keeps and treasures for a long time.

Age appropriateness

I think children aged 4-6 would appreciate this book.

My vote

5 stars. Mostly because I adore the artwork so much.

How I rate books:

Mostly I look for:

  • Great images
  • Exciting story
  • Message or meaning

Five stars: Only my very favourite books get a 5 star rating
Four stars: Books that I enjoy
Three stars: Books that are okay
Two stars: Books that are pretty rubbish
One star: Books that make me mad