grandad's island

“This new book deals with the emotional topic of losing a grandparent. Subtly told, this beautifully illustrated book tackles a difficult subject with great sensitivity and depth.”


Syd travels with his Grandad to a beautiful tropical island to hang out. At the end of their visit Grandad decides to stay on the island and Syd travels home alone. The story is simple and fun, engaging to young readers, and the ending is very touching.


The characters are instantly likeable; the loveably grandfather, the young boy Syd, and the lively Jungle full of life and character.


The Art is what I like best about this book. Bright and colourful, the pictures are bursting with life. Many double page spreads boast gorgeous jungle scenes teeming with plants and animals. Light and colour reflect the tone and mood as the story progresses.


The story approaches the sensitive subject of losing a loved one. It expresses comfort and safety, even when times seem dark, and although they may be gone, they are not forgotten.

Value for money

Some children’s books can be extortionately priced. The paperback version of Grandad’s island is very good value for money. For the right child, I’m sure this book would be read many times, giving a child a strong connection with their lost loved ones.

Hardcover RRP: £11.22 (not available until Apr 2016)
Paperback RRP: £6.99
Kindle Edition: £4.99

The paperback is currently only £3.50 on Amazon, an absolute steal if you ask me.

Age appropriateness

The story is very simple to follow but the lively images would hold a child’s attention. I think children aged between 3 and 5 would enjoy this book.

My vote

5 stars. I adore this book through and through.

Anything else?

I think even adults would get something out of this books, especially those who have lost someone dear to them.

How I rate books:

Mostly I look for:

  • Great images
  • Exciting story
  • Message or meaning

Five stars: Only my very favourite books get a 5 star rating
Four stars: Books that I enjoy
Three stars: Books that are okay
Two stars: Books that are pretty rubbish
One star: Books that make me mad