Creative Writing. It’s something I’ve put on the back burner in recent years as self-doubt got the better of me. It’s not productive, I’ll never be good enough, I’ll never be a published writer etc etc… any fellow writers out there, or in fact, anyone who has ever had a dream will know exactly how it goes.

But without creative writing, working on a story, getting to know characters, typing, reading, editing, CREATING… I feel there is something missing in my life, a hole that needs to be filled. I’ve buried the need deep within my subconscious but it comes back to me in my dreams. I dream about new story ideas where I see things being played out before my eyes in fantastical scenes and wonderfully quirky characters and my mind thinks, that’s a great story idea I need to write this down! Of course when I wake up, the dreamt ideas are complete garbage but it leaves with me a taste for the passion I have long since buried.

Some of my best ideas and artwork has come from not putting pressure on myself to actually produce something good, but instead, to allow myself to do something “just for the fun of it.” There’s a lot less pressure and I can explore without constraints.

And so after this dream I sat down with a note book and some ideas came to me for a story. I’ve decided for the first time in a few years, that I’m going to write again. This time it is for me, for the sake of my soul and buried passion. It doesn’t matter if only I enjoy it, or one other person. The benefits of creativity to my own mental health outweigh anything else, especially my self-doubt and fears of failure.

Stay tuned for more adventures and maybe even… the return of #FridaySnippets? I’m making no promises though, once I come off furlough and I’m back to work time seems to run away with me.

Has anyone else out there had these feelings or even these weird creativity inspired dreams?