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I’d like to welcome Allison Agius to to the blog today, revealing the cover of her book – The Lost Voice.

the lost voice allison agius



the lost voice allison agiusThere’s a reason we can’t hear other people’s thoughts.

Kate Gregory can hear people’s thoughts.

It is something she had learnt to hide.

One day she hears something that may threaten the life of a child.

Now she has a dilemma.

To save the child does she tell people of her ability, will people believe her if she does, and if she’s wrong, what damage will she do?

The Lost Voice is a compelling story for anyone who has ever felt lost and rejected by the world.

It engages from the first page and takes you on an enthralling and inspiring journey.

The Lost Voice teaches us all that, no matter what we may believe, we all have a unique place in the world.

The lost Voice is available as an ebook and paperback from  31st August 2013

Author Bio:

Allison AgiusAllison Agius, coming from a chaotic and unstable childhood, did not believe that she was ‘the kind of person who wrote books’.  However, she couldn’t help herself and she has written in the region of about eight novels over the past twenty years, so far only a few have been shared with anyone.

Allison feels that, like all craft, there is an apprenticeship required.  Now she’s ready to start sharing more of her work, and in April 2013 she gave up a successful executive position managing a charity, to write full-time.  

She has savings to last for six months.

She writes modern, gritty, spiritual fiction for the thinking person, designed to challenge, inspire and entertain.

Her life’s purpose is to use her passion and tenacity, to teach and inspire others to release their self limiting beliefs in order for them to realise their dreams.

To this aim she not only writes, but has a private clinic and teaches workshops on how to take control of your life based on her most successful book ‘Hidden Secrets’.

Allison now lives in the North East of England with her husband to be Jonathan, and, (on and off), their five children, where she runs her coaching clinic, helping people be the person they want to be.

Connect with Allison

Allison Aguiswww.allisonagius.com
Allison Agius Writer – Facebook
[email protected]
@writer_agius – Twitter
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Thanks to Allison for stopping by and I wish her the best of success with her work!

Also by Allison:

Hidden Secrets Buried Treasure (Non Fiction – Self-help)

This book is packed full of challenging ideas, alternative concepts and simple exercises designed to inspire thought, ignite change and improve your well-being.

A straight forward guide to creating a fulfilling life in a modern world.

Hidden Secrets is for anyone who knows they want to make changes in their life, but are not sure where to start. 

It will:

  1.  Explode myths that have kept you small,
  2.  Give you simple tools to start today and
  3.  Inspire you to be all you were born to be.

Available as an ebook to download, or in paperback from Amazon or me via my website. 

Unfortunately paperback is only available in the UK at the moment because of the cost of the postage…I’m looking for a printer and distributor in other countries.


Treading Water

What do you do when you wake up one morning and decide that your life sucks?  Change it, right?  Not Jackie Lawson. 

Until a woman moves in next door who stirs up murky secrets from her past, and forces Jackie to look at the one thing that she can’t run away from, her true self.

Treading Water is a powerful story of the struggle we all have, to be who we were born to be.

Available as an ebook

The Cross Over

Toni Harris loses her family in a freak accident and unexplained things start to happen in her isolated farmhouse that leave Toni fearing for her sanity.

Then a chance meeting results in Toni, a rational business woman, agreeing to a spiritual quest in the hope of overcoming her grief, banishing the demons of her childhood and carving our a new life for herself. 

What she doesn’t bargain for is a series of events which lead to a struggle to the death.

The Cross Over is a spiritual adventure that explores the concepts of life, death, life after death and who we really are.

Available as an ebook

Private Clinic

Allison also runs a private coaching clinic where she supports people to make the changes in their life they want or need, to become a ‘success’ – whatever that looks like to each individual.