The Snow Rabbit by Camille GarocheStory

The Snow rabbit is about the adventure of two sisters in the snowy woods. When the snow rabbit comes alive, they chase it into the forest, but the girl’s wheelchair gets stuck and it starts to get dark. The girls have to get back home. The book has no words, just double page spreads throughout.


The twin sisters are very sympathetic towards each other and seem to know how the other is feeling. The snow rabbit is well designed and caring character.


The illustrations are built up using layers of cut out paper, the artist uses light and shadow to create added depth. The mood of the book stays consistent with the dark lavender tones. The artist is adept at creating living environments on paper to stunning effect.


There is no specific moral expressed in this book, but I love the close relationship between the girls. One girl is in a wheel chair and when it gets stuck in the forest the two girls stick together. The snow rabbit helps them to return home.

Value for money

RRP: £11.99

I think this is a book that can be enjoyed by children on their own as there are no words. But having no words loses the potential for reading together. However, there is the opportunity for children to create their own words to go along with the story. The Snow Rabbit is a beautiful book, one that would be treasured for a long time. I would be happy to spend around £9 for this hardback book.

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Age appropriateness

I think children between 4 and 6 would enjoy this book, particularly girls.

My vote

5 Stars. The images really appeal to me and I love the relationship between the girls that is expressed purely through the illustrations.

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  • Great images
  • Exciting story
  • Message or meaning

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