The Whisper by Pamela ZagarenskiStory

A little girl borrows a wonderful book from her school. When she gets home she realised there’s no words in the book. A whisper comes to the girl and says she has to make her own stories to the pictures. So the girl stays up all night on wonderful adventures through her story world.


There’s not much to the characters, the little girl enjoys reading and stories. There’s a fox and rabbit to spot on every page.


The art style is what I like best about this book. It is wonderfully vibrant and built up with lots of layers giving the images depth and texture. Every page is a double spread with lots about the images that children would enjoy looking at.


There’s no moral to the story. I think the idea is for children reading the book to make up their own stories to the images. Zagarenski starts off a story and children can continue on with what they can see from the pictures. This gives an added value and it would be nice to explore the stories and pictures with parents.

Value for money

RRP: £12.99

I think the RRP is a little steep although I do love the illustrations and I like that children can make up their own stories which gives it added value. I would be happy to pay £10 or less for this book as a gift for a child.

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Age appropriateness

I think children between 4 and 7 would enjoy this book. It gives children the opportunity to be creative and explore their own ideas and stories.

My vote

4 stars. I especially like the illustrations and the extra value although I find the book is lacking in its own story.

How I rate books:

Mostly I look for:

  • Great images
  • Exciting story
  • Message or meaning

Five stars: Only my very favourite books get a 5 star rating
Four stars: Books that I enjoy
Three stars: Books that are okay
Two stars: Books that are pretty rubbish
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