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Homeware Floral Designs

For Autumn/Winter 2020 I’ve decided to enter the designer’s competition on Wraptious. I get to submit 5 designs which are available to purchase during the competition as cushions, prints, or canvasses, until the end of December 2020. I’ve submitted 5 of my floral designs and they look amazing on the mock-ups! I can’t decide which… Continue reading Homeware Floral Designs

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Make it in Design Summer School 2020

I’m a big fan of taking part in the Summer (and Winter) school with Make it in Design. It is a great opportunity to gush over some glorious briefs and have a go at designing something that I might not otherwise have thought to think about by myself. With everything going on this year, getting… Continue reading Make it in Design Summer School 2020

My Collections

Dark Wonder Collection

This surface pattern collection was designed based on a 2017 trend from WGSN called Dark Wonder. Themes include outer space, natural forms such as gems and rocks, lace patterns, flow, and light on dark with tints of neon. The collection hosts various colour combinations: main colours are blue, purple, yellow and grey. Bold graphics are combined… Continue reading Dark Wonder Collection