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Drum roll please!

I am so excited to announce that my Spoonflower shop is now open!

My Daisy Dreams collection is available to buy as fabric for your crafty projects. Which do you like best?

I ordered some samples and simply love the satin and chiffon fabrics. The cotton poplin is lovely too and would be very easy to sew into craft projects. My iron is a bit rubbish but I managed to get out the creases.

I would totally wear a blouse from these designs but my sewing skills leave a lot to be desired, I end up getting frustrated and doing a rubbish job! I’ll stick with the designing and leave the sewing well alone. I hope I get to see what people make from this lush collection.

The main motif is drawn by hand, I actually drew 3 versions; one in pencil, one in pen, and one in coloured pencil. On the computer, using Photoshop, I layered them up and enhanced the vibrancy to create a motif with lovely depth and colour.

Using Adobe Illustrator, I converted the pen version to a vector based line drawing. This technique simplifies and cleans up the line drawing and I can use the vector motif as a background idea, or a motif in it’s own pattern, easily changing the colours.

I love creating art that has the hand drawn feel, I don’t like to make images that are too clean and vectorised, not that it doesn’t look good it’s simply not my signature style. Hand drawn art makes my heart sing.

Daisy Dreams Colour Palette

The Daisy Dreams collection was inspired by a plant I bought for my first garden when I lived in a cottage on a farm. African Daisy or Osteopermum. Unfortunately they don’t like our winters and the plant did not survive but the inspiration stayed with me. These beautiful flowers are so pure and perfect it lends itself very well to a drawing with coloured pencil.

The Daisy Dreams collection is meant to lift the soul, be carefree and remind us of soft summer days at play. Enjoy.

Watch this space as I’m currently working on more designs to make available on my Spoonflower shop.

Bye for now!

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