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Swans and Roses New Pattern Collection

New for 2021, this was my first project in lock-down Part III and I’m so pleased with the result. Don’t ask me where the idea of swans and roses together came from, it just popped into my head one day! I’ve created two colourways, one using Pantone’s colours of the year 2021, Illuminating (yellow) and ultimate grey, and the second colourway is yellow and blue/navy. There are 10 patterns per colourway. Both versions are available for sale or licensing. Please use the ‘contact’ page if you have any queries. Thanks for checking these out!

Copyright © Ruth Ellen Parlour all rights reserved

All the illustrations are done by hand using a mix of pen outline, and illustrator marker pens. I used photography from flowers I grew in my own garden as motifs in several of the patterns. The blender patterns were created entirely digitally. I use Photoshop and Illustrator to enhance the colour the original illustrations. Bright, fresh, crisp and imaginative, these collections would work great for stationary, home, gift and greetings. Working with florals is always my go-to for artwork and patterns, I simple love how versatile they are, never failing to capture my imagination. Majestic birds are quickly becoming a new favourite feature in my artwork too! I feel these patterns are bright and elegant with a warm comforting feel.

**Please note that all designs are the property of Ruth Ellen Parlour and subject to copyright law. Please to not distribute or replicate these designs without permission from the author**

Copyright © Ruth Ellen Parlour all rights reserved

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