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For Autumn/Winter 2020 I’ve decided to enter the designer’s competition on Wraptious. I get to submit 5 designs which are available to purchase during the competition as cushions, prints, or canvasses, until the end of December 2020. I’ve submitted 5 of my floral designs and they look amazing on the mock-ups! I can’t decide which I like best!

To find them on Wraptious follow this link Wraptious Submission Ruth Ellen Parlour

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Check them out!

Daisy Dreams

With a stunning combination of turquoise and pink, this pattern was inspired by African Daisies (Osteopermum) which I grew in my own garden. The motifs were created by hand and digitally edited and composed.

Sundown Hydrangea

This ethereal design was inspired by one of the Make it in Design Summer School briefs, ‘Sundown.’ I decided to incorporate a pencil sketch of a hydrangea ball as if it were a cloud in a sunset sky.

Flower Power

Another one from Summer School, ‘Free Spirit’, inspired by 60s floral motifs and pallette. The hand drawn motifs were arranged using Photoshop. I love the bright pops of colour on this one.

Twilight Dahlia

A visually stunning twilight palette was used to inspire this dark coloured pattern with pops of bright colour. Dahlia’s are one of my favourite plants to draw, their petals never cease to inspire me!

Morning Dahlia

Good Morning! Another Dahlia design with a bright fresh palette of blue and yellow to brighten up any space. I can’t help but feel happy just looking at this one! Another hand drawn motif from one of my home grown Dahlias.

Which is your favourite? Comment below.