My friend sent me a parcel for Christmas and inside the envelope was this piece of narrative;


Apart from the fact that it made me laugh out loud (lots) I think it’s a good piece of narrative. She has obviously had something stolen from a parcel before and is the type of concerned person who takes action in a polite but direct manner. It shows she is hopeful and she is an activist. It shows her character.

You don’t need much to tell a story. I remember being read the shortest story in the world and it went something like this;

For Sale:
Baby shoes,
Never worn.

It’s just three lines but it says so much and ignites our interest. What happened to the baby? Why are they selling the shoes? It’s a good skill to portray a lot of information using few words and to ignite our curiosity.

As a general tip in writing I always say;

If you can say something using less words, it’s probably better.

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