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I bought this eBook from a recommendation by one of my writing friends and it has been an inspiring, useful tool. Rayne Hall writes clearly and concisely with an easy to follow structure.

He begins with the basics of writing fight scenes with mood and style: gritty or entertaining. Then discusses how location is used in fight scenes and a structure that fight scenes should follow.

Hall describes a number of various weapons commonly used in fiction from swords and daggers, staffs, axes, clubs to firearms and variables in between. He offers background knowledge on their uses, strengths and weaknesses. At the end of each chapter he offers a helpful list of ‘blunders to avoid’.

He also covers unarmed combat, magical weapons, self-defence and strength versus skill. He discusses the psychology of fighting: how adrenaline and hormones affect the fighters and how men and women react differently in fighting situations. Other topics covered include animals, armour, group fights, battles, siege warfare, nautical fights and how fights are portrayed in different genres.

Hall covers writing tips such as using euphonics, pacing and dialogue. One thing I like about this ebook is that Hall offers links to useful YouTube videos and websites to demonstrate the information he describes. Hall has undergone extensive research to make this ebook a useful background on weapons for any writer choosing to use them. Many tips and tricks within the book has inspired and enhanced my own writing to make it more accurate and believable.

I would certainly recommend this eBook.
Have you read it? How useful did you find it while writing?

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