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Last week I had my end of year exhibition for my Master’s degree; the week before I had my final hand in. I must admit it feels like I’ve had a weight of responsibility lifted from my shoulders although it has been replaced by another.

Now I have no one to answer to, no deadlines, no tutors. Just me. Do I go find a job? Do I set up my own business? Do I write full time? I’ve been in education all my life. I’m now 23. Sure, I’ve had a few part time jobs over the years but nothing permanent, just a little something for some pocket money.

I loved being a student. I loved having the freedom to learn and work on projects I was interested in alongside like-minded people. With the university I’ve been to London twice, to Berlin and Paris and gained some awesome memories I will never forget, and some friends for life. It gave me the free time I needed to work on personal projects such as my writing.

The celebratory feast Mam and I had after my final presentation.

I am glad to put it behind me. I want to start earning and leave home. I don’t have much life experience and this is a whole new responsibility. I’ve got no one but myself pushing me to do it. It’s a very strange feeling indeed, and will take time to adjust. It could be so easy to get into a rut and fall into bad habits so I need to be motivated to move.

I’m making long term, short term, weekly and daily goals to set myself to keep me motivated. I have my boyfriend for accountability, as he has me for his goals. Together we are trying to achieve our dreams and carve out a future for ourselves together.