Fear For me, this fear series started off because of one critical person who seemed to highlight my fears. They thought that because I self-published a book people actually, god forbid, paid money to read, that I should be as good as the greats in my field… like Tolkein… or Martin.



“I’ll never be as good as those writers so I should just give up.”

Never. Ever. EVER. Compare yourself to others. Only compare yourself, to yourself.

For Example. You’ve been writing for five years. You’re better than what you were when you started, you’re better than what you were last year. Just think what you’ll be like in one, five, ten years from now. You can only be a better version of yourself if you keep working.

There’s no point in comparing yourself to others because you might not know what they’ve had to do to get to where they are. They may have years and years of practise and experience ahead of you. The fact is they got there in the end, but everybody has a different journey.

You’re not going to be like Rowling, Tolkien, Martin, or any other. You are only ever going to be like you! Keep writing, keep reading, keep learning and growing, and you’re only going to get better.

Be inspired by them, learn from them, love them, but don’t compare yourself to them. Promise?


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