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I was asked, when writing a query, to say why I write and why that subject. In a bid to keep my query to just one page I wrote, ‘I write because I love it my main passion is young adult fantasy fiction…’ and that was it.

Writing stories is something I’ve done, literally, since I physically could. I remember making spot the dog books with lift up flaps and stories about horses going on adventures. I remember being ambitious and at the age of eight declaring I was going to write a fantasy that was ‘longer than Lord of the Rings!’ but of course I didn’t even finish it.

My mind has always been buzzing with tales, whether about horses, dragons or people. I have always been drawn to the fantastical and not entirely sure why. I love lots of different genres, including crime, thrillers, contemporary and historical, but fantasy holds a really strong place in my heart. I believe it is my desire to be different. I want to experience things outside of my everyday life, at university I want to design things to be bright and colourful and different. I don’t want to be boring and design another floral pattern for Laura Ashley.

I always loved dragons and unicorns as a kid and fell in love with Disney’s Fantasia, the Pastoral Symphony by Beethoven with all the magical creatures and later in life went crazy for the film Dragon Heart. I can’t understand why but I put it down to my active imagination and general disposition.

I write because I have a story I want to tell. I have people in my mind who I bring alive with words. I have scenes that need a place and creatures that need to live and a culture that strives to thrive. I want others to experience this fictional world that I have lovingly crafted. I want to transport them into a place they can experience things out of their everyday life. I want to write the kind of stories I like to read and I want to share them with others.

I write because I love it and my main passion is fantasy. That’s about it!

Thank you for reading.