Writing Tip – Tell People About Your Writing

I used to keep my writing very secret, it was a private passion I didn’t want to boast about. I was being too modest. When you tell most people you’re writing, or have written a novel they react like; ‘Really? What’s it about?’ and I always hated the attention, I shied away and answered shortly.

Only very recently I discovered a wealth of confidence from people I would have never expected. I used Facebook and my blog to talk about my writing, to share my success and my failures and now I have all my family and friends behind me cheering me on. It’s so uplifting knowing that I have their support. Even people who are only acquaintances have shown great interest, wished me luck, and want to know how things turn out.

No one should keep their writing to themselves, whether you’re part of a writing group, online community or just share with your close family and friends. You will be surprised at the support you’ll receive.

2 thoughts on “Writing Tip – Tell People About Your Writing

  • February 21, 2012 at 4:35 pm

    Same here Ruth, I love my writing friends both RL ones and internet ones, always good to be part of an understanding community


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