A short snippet that demonstrates some of my world’s culture, from my current WIP God Slayer. Enjoy 🙂

Zeig and I sat on the floor with our backs to the fire. Mamma sat on the couch with our copy of The First Days of Light spread on her lap. The large book was bound in worn leather, the title in gold script emblazoned the spine. It was our most valuable possession, passed down to us from my father’s family.

‘Together the Gods drove the Darkness from Eardecia and locked it away for eternity. They vowed to protect the inhabitants for as long as they kept their power…’ she read. My arms were wrapped around my legs and my chin rested on my knees.

‘Why don’t the Gods protect us from the demons?’ I asked. I saw Ma blink several times before looking up at me, leaving a finger on the line she was reading from.

‘And hybrids,’ Zeig piped in. I glanced at my brother as I recalled. I had almost forgotten that hybrids existed, they were half human, half animal creatures that lived in the woods. Zeig had been frightened of them, until the demons came. We had never seen one though.

‘The Gods only save us when we cannot save ourselves,’ Ma answered, her tone was soft but a sharp edge crept into her eyes.

‘If the Gods are just ambassadors of each race, why can’t I be one and I’ll find my powers and then I can protect everyone from the…’ my words fell on my tongue when Ma slammed the book closed with a carelessness she would never disrespect the book with. Then her high pitched voice rang in our ears.

‘Don’t talk about the demons!’ she wailed. I stared up at her, wide eyed as she regained her composure. Da looked up from his journal as Ma stood, returned the book to the shelf and said no more.