As a writer, this exercise helps us to analyse how we write and makes us think about it. Here’s my answers…

  • I write best when it’s the morning
  • I cannot write when: I’m tired, TV or radio is one, if people are talking.
  • I would write more if: I organised my time better and if I wasn’t studying of course.
  • My story ideas usually come from: Films, books, fairytales and people.
  • The main thing that keeps me from meeting my writing goals is: distractions and lack of energy.
  • I would describe my first drafts as: very sketchy, rough and in need of padding. Lots of dialogue and action.
  • I usually write: at least three drafts.
  • I know a story is done when: it’s been proofread and I’m completely satisfied I can’t make it better (at this moment in my life.)
  • Most of my revision work is: Filling out with description, character development/reflection and ironing out plot inconsistencies/technical issues and also spelling and grammar.
  • When I feel very inspired, I might write 5000 words in one sitting.
  • A good goal for me is: 2000 words a week.

You could use these questions for yourself, you might find them useful. How do yours compare to mine?