FS02Pearl Dust is the title I’ve coined for my Sci-Fi short, not sure if it’s the one I’ll stick with. Here’s another snippet. Be warned, this is first draft so will be rough!


A loud clank on the roof tiles made Cara jump and instinctively look to the roof as if she could see through it. A metallic rattling sound became louder as Cara tried to track its source with her ears.

A puff of coal dust exploded in the furnace as a something hit the glass door with a clink. Smoky shot off the carpet and ran out the door. Cara’s breath caught in her throat when she saw a pearl, smoky blue and white, lean casually against the stove’s door, nestled amongst the coal.

Leona stood so fast her needles and knitting fell to the floor. She ran out the door shouting for her brother.

Cara slumped to the floor and crawled towards the coal fire, watching the pearl. The orange light glistened off the layers of colour that warped inside the sphere. Sparks of gold like tiny gems glistened in the reams of pearl white and blue. A white mist began to rise from the pearl and fill the coal oven, seeping out the air vent and lingering into the living room. Cara backed away, pressing her back against the couch as the room filled with mist. It rose upwards in a column and splayed out, forming the shape of a human. Around the mist Cara could see a pulsating white light. It shifted and bounded like waves on a beach, disappearing into the air. The mist settled into a human form where two hollows made the eyes. Its sex was indistinguishable. Cara stood and gazed at the creature as she heard whisperings inside her head. Many voices of no sex blasted her mind and they all whispered.


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