FS02We return to my sci-fi short for this week’s snippet. This is a first draft so will be rough. Comments are always welcome!


Cara held a pearl in her hand, it was cold, the surface as smooth as glass. She looked into the depths of swirling colours in the orb. White, cream and grey laced like bands of liquid with tints of mint green and tiny specks of gold. Each orb was slightly different in colour, all of light pastel shades. Cara held it to the light but the sun could not penetrate the depths of the orb.

Molly jumped at her then and caught her off guard. Cara crashed into a stack of shelves that wobbled dangerously.

‘Molly!’ Cara cried. She glanced up in time to see a box fall from the shelf and hit her square in the face. The cardboard split and showered her in a fine powder. As she gasped, the white dust filled her mouth, her nose and her eyes. It tasted dry and powdery and sour. It filled her eye and sprinkled onto her shoulders, floating to the ground like flour. Molly sneezed as the dust filtered into her nose and she stepped away, leaving little white paw prints on the wood floor.

‘Cara?’ the farmer’s voice reached her from the open doorway. She could only see a blurred shape. It was as if frost had clouded her vision. She exhaled sharply through her nose but the powdery scent could not be dispelled. Heat soured through her head and neck, she couldn’t breath. She gasped for air but felt choked on powder as her senses drained from her.


Thanks for reading!